Eightwood 10pcs BNC Male Bulkhead Front Mount with Solder Cup RF Connector

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BNC RF connectors are the most popular coaxial connector. The special bayonet design allows easy mating and un-mating. BNC 50 ohm connectors provide repeatable electronic performance from DC to 4 GHz. BNC 75 ohm connectors are suitable for applications up to 1 GHz. All 50 and 75 ohm connectors are intermatable.

The BNC series coaxial connector works well in lower microwave frequency applications including monitors, LAN, telecommunication devices and test equipment.

Product Type: BNC front mount RF connector
Brass (Not Alloy)material ensure higher signal transmission and connectivity
Connector with nickel plated for durability and repeated disconnects
Gender: Male
Quantity: 10pcs