UHF Female SO-239 to UHF PL259 Male Right Angle Antenna Adapter 2pcs for Walkie Talkie Handheld CB Radio Vhf Radio Ham Radio Baofeng Motorola Wouxun Kenwood Icom Yaesu CB Radio

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Product Description:
Avoid damaging the UHF antenna port of your radio as you must use base, mobile, or other style antennas than the antenna. Adapter will take all the wear. Instead of being subjected to wear or loosening of the chassis connector. You can now quickly and safely change the more popular and wider range of available antennas and help protect your radio from damage, all at a low price.
Adapters allow you:
1. Quickly change antennas Use a base, mobile or other style.
2. Use the more popular and wider range of antennas.
3. Avoid wearing the chassis connector or getting detached due to antenna changes.
Product Type: RF Adapter
Connector A: UHF Female Connector
Connector B: UHF Male Connector Impedance: 50ohm
Material: nickel plated brass Used for Antennas, Coaxial Cables, Radio Scanners, Ham Radio Transceivers, CB Radio Handheld & Amateur Radio. Fits most Yaesu, Icom, Alinco, Kenwood, Wouxun & TYT Amateur Radios, Well Engineered and exactly for Ham Radio, Shortwave Listening and Radio Meteor Observing needs
Package: 2x UHF Adapters