SMB Adapter DAB Car Aerial Adapter SMB Connector 10 Pieces for DAB DAB + Antenna Cable RG174 RG178 RG316 Car Radio GPS Antenna Adapter

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  • Product Type: RF Adapter RF Adapter Kit | Series: Two Series SMB
  • Cable Type: RG178 RG316 LMR-100 | Impedance: 50ohm | Body shape: straight
  • Features & Benefits: Selective Coating Provides Corrosion Resistance and Good Solderability Features Various nickel, gold, and tin coating options. The SMB PCB insertion plug and receptacle allows for low insertion force panel mounting. This is ideal for plugging in a large number of connectors a pair of printed circuit boards
  • Applications: Digital Radio DAB + / FM Antenna Tuner GPS Pioneer Clarion Kenwood Alpine JVC Blaupunkt PP16DAB PP15DAB RXD10 RXD34 RXD35 RXD50 RXD120 IRD30 BD400 CLRD30
  • Package: 10x SMB adapter