SMA 4G Antenna Adapter Kit SMA To N-Type Adapter kit 4 Types for CB Antenna CB Radio SMA Wifi Antenna Wirelesse Wifi Router Antenna Wifi Antenna Wlan Lan

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  • Product Type: RF Adapter Kit | Series: N-Type to SMA
  • Impedance: 50 ohm | Style: Straight
  • Adapter End: N-Type Male to SMA Male | N-Type Male to SMA Female | N-Type Female to SMA Male | N-Type Female to SMA Female
  • Use for: Wlan, GPS, PC, Lan, Automotive, Base Station, Head End, Equipment, Radios, Wireless, Networks Antenna, Instrumentation, Telecom
  • Net Weight: 40g | Package: 4x N-Type to SMA Adapters