N Male Adapter Straight Crimp N Connector N Plug 5pcs for Wlan Antenna Cable LMR195 RG58 RG400 RG142 4G DTV Industrial 4G Router WiFi Router MULTIWAY

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  • Product Type: RF Adapter HF Adapter Kit | Series: Two Series N
  • Cable Type: LMR195 RG58 RG400 RG142 | Impedance: 50ohm | Body shape: straight
  • Features and Benefits: The selective coating provides corrosion resistance and good solderability properties Different coating options in nickel, gold and tin. "
  • Applications: 4G LTE Antenna USB Modem 4G Wifi Router Mobile Hotspots 4G DTV Industrial 4G Router Building Signal Amplifier 2G 3G 4G GSM WiFi Bluetooth HSDPA UMTS DCS Signal Booster DAB Antenna Automotive Interconnection
  • Package: 5x N Adapter (for LMR195 RG58 RG400 RG142 RF Cable)