MCX Connector MCX Right Angle DIY PCB Mount Crimp MCX Adapter Connector 10Pcs for Wlan/DAB/GPS LMR100 RG174 RG316 RF Cable MULTIWAY

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  • Product series: MCX Connector | Impedance: 50ohm | Build: Straight | Dielectric type: PTFE
  • Product Type: Cable Holder | Cable Type: LMR-100 RG174 RG316 | Application: Crimp | Connector Material: Brass | Contact plating: gold
  • Applications: DAB / Wlan Antenna, Instrumentation, Satcom, Base Stations, Telecommunication, Broadband, GPS
  • Suitable for various radio modules: MCX connector for many radio modules for connection of antennas, soldering of printed circuit boards and antenna sockets, Widely used in wireless devices, equipment and ground transmission systems under vibration and harsh conditions
  • Package: 10 Pcs MCX Right Angle Connector (for LMR100 RG174 RG316 RF Cable)