Eightwood FM Antenna Replacement Kit 4 Section Telescopic Antenna + Mini FM Radio Antenna with 3.5mm Plug Connector for Bose Wave Music System Indoor Stereo Receiver etc.

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  • 4 sections telescopic antenna: Full Length: 243mm; Antenna Interface: 3.5mm; Material : Metal
  • Mainly used in television, radio, electric toy, remote control, lamps and lanterns, VCD, and other special configuration communications antenna and iron and tools antenna and other electronics products;
  • Mini Rubber FM Radio Antenna: Size: 85mm; Impedance: 75 ohm; Antenna Interface: 3.5mm Plug Connector
  • Compatible with: Bose Wave Music System,Acoustic Wave Music System,Wave Radio II Stereo Receiver,Built-in FM Radio Bluetooth Speaker,Built-in FM Radio Mobile Cell Phone;
  • Package List:1pcs 4 sections telescopic antenna +1pcs mini rubber FM radio antenna (As the Picture Shown) | Great replacement for your damaged TV antenna or FM radio antenna.