DAB Aerial Radio Cable DIN Female to ISO Male Antenna Extension Cable RG58 7.8inch 20cm 2pcs Compatible for FM Radio Car Radio CD/DVD TV Tuner DAB Radio Blaupunkt

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  • DIN Female to ISO Male Right Angle Antenna Extender Cable
  • Cable: RG58 | Cable Length: 20cm
  • Used for Antenna,Coaxial Cable,Radioscanner,Ham Radio Transceiver,CB Radio Handheld & Amateur Radio Devices
  • Applications: Digital Radio DAB + / FM tuner Blaupunkt PP16DAB PP15DAB RXD10 RXD34 RXD35 RXD50 RXD120 IRD30 BD400 CLRD30
  • Weight: 100g | Package: 2x ISO to DIN Cables