DAB Aerial Adapter SMB Adapter Straight Crimp SMB Connector 10Pcs for DAB Car Radio DAB + Antenna Car Aerial Cable LMR195 RG58 RG400 GPS Antenna Adapter MULTIWAY

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  • Product Type: RF Adapter RF Adapter Kit | Series: Two Series SMB
  • Cable Type: LMR195 RG58 RG400 | Impedance: 50ohm | Body shape: straight
  • Features and Benefits: The selective coating provides corrosion resistance and good solderability properties
  • Anwendungen: Digital Radio DAB Antenne,Instrumentierung,Satcom,Basisstationen,Telekommunikation, Breitband,GPS
  • Paket: 10x SMB Adapter(für LMR195 RG58 RG400 RF Kabel)