Crimper Spare Die Crimping Tool Wire Crimper Hex Die for The Cable RG58 Crimper RG59 RG62 RG6 LMR300 LMR240

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  • Crimper hex die for Crimp Tool - 336C
  • Capable of crimping RG58, RG59,LMR214, RG62, RG6ï¼ ŒLMR300
  • Capable of crimping a wide range of connectors. Suitable for SMA, SMB, SMC, TNC, N-Type, MCX, MMCX and more
  • 4 Crimp Hex Dia Sizes. .068" (1.73mm), .213" (5.41mm), .256" (6.50mm) & .319''(8.10mm)
  • Package : 1x Crimper Hex Die