CB Radio Adapter Cable SMA Cable SMA Male to BNC Female Pigtail Cable CB Radio Extension Cable RG174 20cm for CB Antenna Ham Radio Handheld Antenna Auto WiFi WiMax SDR

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  • SMA Male to BNC Female Bulkhead O-ring RF Coxial Cable
  • Cable type: RG174 | Length: 20cm | Impedance:50 ohm
  • Base Stations Antennas Instrumentation PC/LAN Telecom RTL-SDR USB Raspberry Pi TYT Radio Ham Handheld Icom Roof Mag Mount Antenna Auto WiFi WiMax
  • Fits most Yaesu,Icom,Alinco,Kenwood,Wouxun & TYT amateur radios. Well built and exactly used for Ham Radio,Shortwave Listening and Radio Meteor Observing needs
  • Package: 1x SMA Male to BNC Female Bulkhead Cable