Eightwood 75 Ohm FM Antenna FM Antenna and AM Antenna for Pioneer Onkyo Yamaha Marantz Indoor HD Radio FM Radio Bluetooth Home Stereo Receiver AV Audio video Home Theater Receiver Power

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FM Radio 7 Sections Telescopic Antenna with F Type Plug (Male Pin) Connector.
Feature: Indoor Mounting;
Telescopic Antenna Length:20cm - 115cm;
Improves Signal Reception;
Impedance: 75 ohm;
Net Weight: 68g;
Operating Temperature: -20°С ~ +80°С;
Storage Temperature: -30°С ~ +85°С;
Adapter Accessories:
F type jack (female socket)to TV jack (female socket)adapter;
F type jack (female socket)to TV plug (male pin)adapter;
F type jack (female socket)to 3.5mm plug(male pin)adapter.
Package List: 1 x Antenna, 3 x Connector Adapter; (As the Picture Shown).

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Martin Armstrong
Provides good value for its cost.

Opted for this to enhance AM reception on my BOSE system. No complaints even from a 12th-floor high-rise.

Kyle Young
Efficient FM antenna.

Excellent antenna. Functions well for its price.

Logan Douglas
Simple and hassle-free antenna.

Easy and straightforward hookup to my Harmon Kardon FM, no messy wires. Reception improved significantly!

Donald K. Davidson
Quick Installation, Under 3 Minutes

A plethora of adapters ensured a perfect and professional fit, resulting in an immediate improvement.

Roger Coals
Seamless Fit for My 90's Denon Receiver

The performance was stellar, allowing access to numerous FM stations. This antenna works wonders if your FM stations use a coaxial input. It offers extra fittings to accommodate nearly any setup.