Eightwood 4G LTE Antenna Mini Soft Whip TS9 Antenna (2-Pack) Compatible with Verizon AT&T T-Mobile Sprint 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi Router Cellular Mobile Broadband Modem USB Modem Dongle Adapter

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  • Compatible Carrier Network: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and etc; Frequency Range: 698-960 MHz, 1710-2170 MHz, 2300-2700 MHz; Gain: 3dBi; Direction: Omni-directional; Connector: TS9 Right Angle Connector;
  • Package List: 2 x Antenna (As the Picture Shown);
  • Compatible with 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, MiFi Router, Wireless CPE Router, Cellular Mobile Broadband Modem, USB Modem Dongle Adapter;
  • Compatible with: Huawei E8372 E589 E5787 E5786 E5785 E5776 E5775 E5577C E5577 E5573 E5377 E5375 E5373 E5372 Mobile Hotspot MiFi Modem; Huawei B618 B529 B528 Wireless CPE Router; Huawei E8278 E398 E398 E397 E392 USB Modem Dongle Adapter;
  • Compatible with: ZTE R230 R212 MF980 MF971V MF970 MF95 MF93E MF93D MF923 MF91T MF91S MF91D MF910 MF91 MF90 MF61 Mobile Hotspot MiFi Modem; ZTE MF287 MF282 Wireless CPE Router; ZTE MF821 MF668 MF645 MF633 MF626i MF60 USB Modem Dongle Adapter;

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Chris S. Jemio
Outstanding product quality

These antennas truly proved their worth in aiding the signal.

Incredibly beneficial

Surprisingly, the download speeds decreased with these antennas compared to the original speed. They will be returned.

Lacks effectiveness

The product matched the description. Appreciate it.

Jane Smith
Enhanced signal reception

Briefly: Placing the jet pack near a single pane window with just one TS9 antenna resulted in a 20 MBPS boost. Initially, the signal ranged from 12 to 25 MBPS before adding the antenna, and now it fluctuates between 20 and 50 MBPS.

Troy Johnson
Proven effectiveness after multiple attempts

In detail: The positioning of the jet pack relative to the tower signal matters significantly. Signals are weakened by dual pane windows and metal roofs. I positioned mine on a small platform between the main and storm doors, about 5 feet above the threshold. The platform is attached to the main door, and the jet pack rests on top. When the door is closed, the JetPack's antenna ports align with the storm door window. Initially, using both new TS9 antennas didn't yield a substantial difference. I experimented with various antenna positions and tilting the jetpack in different directions, with minimal results. Eventually, I decided to test with just one TS9 antenna added, leaving the other side open. This worked much better. Later, I switched to the other side and achieved an even stronger signal. This approach worked for me after several days of experimentation. It's likely that the effectiveness varies due to individual circumstances. Best of luck, hoping this assists others as well.