4G Antenna Splitter Cable FME to TS9 Cable 4G LTE Antenna TS9 Cable Adapter TS9 4G LTE Mimo Y Type RG174 15cm for 4G LTE Router WiFi Router Mobile Hotspot Cell Phone

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  • Product Type: RF Cable | Connector1: FME connector | Connector2: 2x TS9 connector (4G LTE Mimo)
  • Cable type: RG174 | Cable length: 15cm
  • Compatible with: Telecom (Speedport LTE, Speedport LTE II), Fibaro Home Center 2 (Variator 2 Bypass 2), Vodafone (B1000, B2000, EasyBox 904, Vodafone LTE Modem, LTE Turbo Box LG FM300), O2 (O2 LTE Router) , FritzBox LTE 6840, FritzBox LTE 6842, as well as various other models (Huawei B390, B593, DD800, B1000, B2000)
  • Applications: Router 4G Wifi Antenna 4G Mobile Hotspots Router 4G DTV Industrial Router 4G Signal Amplifier 2G 3G 4G GSM WiFi Bluetooth HSDPA Signal Amplifier UMTS DCS Automotive Interconnect DAB Antenna
  • Package: 1x FME cable (male) to TS9 (mimo)