4G Antenna Adapter SMA Antenna SMA Male to BNC Male straight Adapter SMA Female Compatible for CB Aerial 4G Router CB radio Two Way Radios Ham Radio(Pack of 5)

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  • Product Name: RF Adapter | Connector A: SMA Male | Connector B: BNC Male
  • Impedance: 50 ohm | Style: Straight | Body Material: Brass
  • Used for antennas,coaxial cables,radioscanners,ham radio transceivers CB radio handheld & amateur radios
  • Base Stations Antennas Instrumentation PC/LAN Telecom RTL-SDR USB Raspberry Pi TYT Radio Ham Handheld Icom Roof Mag Mount Antenna Auto WiFi WiMax
  • Package: 5x BNC Male to SMA Male Adapters