4G Antenna Adapter FME Adapter FME Female FME Male Connector 2 Kit for DAB Car Aerial 4G LTE Antenna 4G DTV WiFi Router Mobile Hotspot Cell Phone antenna Car Radio DAB Antenna

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  • Product Type: RF Adapter, HF Adapter Kit | Series: Two Series FME
  • Impedance: 50 ohms | Connection type: Between series
  • Adapter end: FME plug to FME plug, FME socket to FME socket
  • Applications: 4G LTE Antenna USB Modem 4G Wifi Router Mobile Hotspots 4G DTV Industrial 4G Router Building Signal Amplifier 2G 3G 4G GSM WiFi Bluetooth HSDPA UMTS DCS Signal Booster DAB Antenna Automotive Interconnection
  • Paket: 2x FME Adapter